The Green Truth: How Environmentalists Ignore Science and Hurt Humanity

My message to everyone on the political right is “we’re not reaching enough people.” A couple of years ago at an event I had the chance to talk with columnist, author, and talk radio show host Dennis Prager for about one minute. Yes, one minute. So I said, “Dennis, we’re not reaching enough people.” He answered, “That’s why I created Prager University.”

I link to many Prager U videos here at Dispatches — I’ve never seen one that wasn’t well done and well worth the five minutes it takes to watch.

Recently, Prager University sent out five new videos with the above title and this subtitle:

Common sense and a grasp of the facts will get us on a more sustainable, responsible and greener path.

Obviously in the information war this is one of those big issue areas where clearly not nearly enough Americans hear enough correct information. For the record regarding the third video, I’m still not convinced about the trustworthiness of the chemical companies that are genetically modifying food, but I’m open to the possibility that Big Ag and the big corporations producing GMOs are completely honest.

Below is the short text of Prager U’s email along with a fundraising pitch; below that, the videos. Enjoy.

Dear Friend,

Today we are releasing five videos to inaugurate the creation of a new department here at PragerU: Environmental Science. This week’s videos are presented by Patrick Moore, co-founder of the environmentalist organization Greenpeace. Dr. Moore holds a Ph.D. in ecology, along with decades of experience working on and writing about environmental issues. […]

Producing these types of high-quality videos requires a lot of money. That’s why we are asking you to consider sending a tax-deductible gift to PragerU, so that we can keep bringing you the best five-minute educational videos on the Internet.

Marissa Streit
Chief Operating Officer

Image credit: Prager University.