The Information War Regarding Judge-Made ‘Law’ contributor Jason Salamone and American Thinker’s Silvio Canto, Jr. have posts up that nicely walk readers through the current legal reality regarding Kim Davis and so-called “same-sex marriage” licenses.

Salamone’s article is titled “Kim Davis: Supreme Court Decision is NOT Law of the Land,” and he opens it by kindly quoting something I recently wrote on Facebook:

SCOTUS issues opinions as a co-equal branch. The only way to properly read Article III is with the words of the Founders as the backdrop. Misreading it makes SCOTUS into an oligarchy. With the words of the Founders you understand it as the weakest branch, not the strongest — which is how most law schools improperly teach it to be. Today’s law schools, after all, are a product of the progressives. What I find interesting is that while lawyers are taught to consider legislative intent regarding statutes, the Founders’ intent is completely ignored regarding the role of the Supreme Court.

Silvio Canto Jr.’s article is titled “Is a right invented by a judge the same as the law of the land?” Here is Canto’s opening:

We hear from Hillary Clinton about upholding the law.  She wants the clerks in Kentucky to obey the law and issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.  (By the way, did Hillary Clinton call on President Obama to uphold the law when he refused to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act, a real law passed by a real legislature and signed by President Clinton?)

But what law are we talking about today?  What legislature passed this law?  What executive signed it in a fancy ceremony?

Did President Obama ask Congress to send him a bill making marriage equality the law of the land?  Frankly, I missed it if he did.  I guess that I’m still watching that YouTube video from 2008 where he agrees with Kim Davis about marriage.

Again, what law is Kim Davis violating?

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How much of this will reach the uninformed and misinformed? That’s the big question — and it’s the same on every single issue.

For additional information, I’ve compiled quotes and links on the topic of the Contitutional role of the Supreme Court as outlined by the Founding Fathers they can be found here: Judicial Supremacy: Not in the U.S. Constitution, Not the Intention of the Founding Fathers.

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