The Ongoing Obamacare Scam: “Insurance” is not “health care”

Townhall3From Andrew Langer at

As the President scrambles to delay implementation of Obamacare, while at the same time trying to prevent Republicans from legislating his executive branch goals, opponents of Obamacare are missing a key point: it’s not that Obamacare leads to socialism, it’s that it is, fundamentally, a scam! Yes, a scam, as in, a dishonest scheme. A fraud.

Obamacare, by not only destroying the private insurance marketplace over the long-term, but by also leading to the destruction of free-market medical care, may very well lead to government-run or “socialized” medicine. But, as horrible as that prospect is, it is not the message that is most effective for either delaying the implementation of the law, or in its repeal.

Fundamentally, Obamacare was supposed to do one thing: it was promised as the Democrats’ solution for providing health CARE to millions of Americans who apparently did not have it. But it was premised on a lie: Obamacare doesn’t provide “care” to anyone. It provides insurance. And “insurance” is not “health care” (technically, it’s not even “insurance”—something you invest in to hedge against some future catastrophe).

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