The Spiritual Element Of America’s Downward Spiral

GOPusaFrom Christopher G. Adamo:

The liberal media is in high gear, attempting to convince Americans that their prospects are suddenly rosy. The economy is ostensibly in full rebound mode (again), and the annual federal deficit is projected to crash below the $1 trillion mark for the first time since Obama has been in office. So why are Americans reluctant to believe that their country is on the path to a bright and robust future? Could it be that people still measure their “quality of life” by some standard other than the state of the economy (Admittedly, this presumes that the economy is actually improving, which is more wishful speculation than objective truth)?

Increasingly, America is reaping the consequences of its moral and spiritual collapse, and the dismal condition of the economy (Yes, it is dismal, once the flimsy veneer of liberal spin is removed) is only a symptom of the overall degradation of America. On numerous fronts, life in the country is in decline, and despite the best efforts of the left to redefine reality in a manner that puts their agenda in a good light, things will only continue to worsen for as long as the people of this country refuse to recognize the immutable truths of right and wrong, and determine once again to abide by them.


Yet America is far from being at the “tipping point” after which such an onslaught could no longer be repulsed. In truth, the leftist/countercultural offensive is being perpetrated by a “paper tiger,” which still lacks either the numbers or philosophical strength to overwhelm traditional America. What it does possess is a good propaganda machine to create an impression of its vast and inexorable power. Worse yet, many on the right are reverting to a defeatist and pacifist attitude which only emboldens and thus empowers the seditious powers seeking to eradicate the America of John Adams and Patrick Henry, and supplant it with a Marxist collectivist state in which the highest aspiration of the citizenry is merely to subsist. A few recent events bear witness of the mire into which America has been dragged, and by which it will be devoured if the people of the Heartland do not firmly resolve to extricate their beloved land from it.

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