The state employee pay and pension scam gets more media attention

Reporters at the suburban based Daily Herald newspaper have been doing some good reporting on the extremely excessive pensions and salary perks paid to employees of the government run school system.

In one side column, the DH reports:

Who gets the most each year

Retired public school employees in the North, Northwest and West suburbs


Gary Catalani, 59, superintendent

Wheaton Warrenville Unit D200


Henry Gmitro, 57, superintendent

Carol Stream Elem. D. 93


Mary Curley, 58, superintendent

Hinsdale Elem. D. 181


John Conyers, 64, superintendent

Palatine Twp. Elem. D15


Norman Wetzl, 63, superintendent

Community Unit D300

This morning I was reminded about the story surrounding that last one – Norm Wetzl:

Wetzl was superintendent of District 300. The board voted to remove him as Superintendent, and hired a replacement Superintendent. Wetzl wasn’t fired – he was slid to one side. They even raised his salary from $148,000 to $198,000 for two years until he retired with a pension of $172,000.

Pension Watch kindly linked to all of the Daily Herald articles. Here they are for your reading pleasure. Warning to tea party supporters – they might make you a little angry.

Pensions for 131 Illinois School Retirees Top $150,000 Each Annually

The Hidden Cost of Inflated Pensions: Schools Fined by State for Flouting Rules Meant to Rein in Excessive Pensions

Financial Problems Not Unique to Illinois’ Teacher Pension Fund

Illinois’ Five State Retirement Systems Are Only 38.4% Funded on Average

I left off their editorial from the list because you’d be better off spending some time reading through Bill Zettler’s articles found here.