The Twilight of the Liberal Gods

Let us pray it is the twilight. A friend sent this article to me, otherwise I would’ve missed it. Sarah Hoyt, writing at PJMedia, uses other language than I have to describe the conservatives’ massive failure in the information war over the past few decades. Here’s an excerpt from the middle of her article:

[Leftist] policies, a lot of them restricting people’s ability to live as they wanted, were defended by nicely dressed people on television, people who looked and acted just like you wish your relatives and friends would: well dressed, calm, using what appeared to be sound reasoning, and with just a slight smirk of superiority for those who didn’t believe them.

If necessary, college professors and “studies” were trotted out in defense of the left’s latest hobby horse.

It was stunningly effective. This fifth column within America convinced many if not most Americans of my generation (not to mention the boomers before us) that both sides of the civil war were equally culpable. They convinced people that “art” that consists of trash randomly twisted together deserves high payment from museums. They convinced people that thoroughly unpleasant and unentertaining books should be, if not read, at least revered, their authors rewarded with various academic posts and children mercilessly subjected to their ridiculousness.

Which is how we’ve come to where we’re now, with the left in control of all the cultural high ground and being able to declare, at will, that so and so is excommunicated or unworthy.

Sure, we have the new media, and I and other colleagues of mine who are willing to be openly anti-leftists now have the means to exist and to claw a place in the field, and even to make a living. But don’t delude yourselves. Our place is precarious, marginalized. If someone calls “an author” to give an opinion on anything in the evening news, it is never us. If there is some sort of academic post, it never goes to us. And the left media, in general, don’t notice us except to revile us when we grow too troublesome. (Like the campaign to brand us racist-sexist-homophobic for daring intimate that the storied Hugo Awards were now a log-rolling festival and the winners somewhere between boring and vomitous.)

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