Time to Take Down the Rainbow Flag

The image above is called the “queer pagan flag” — and I applaud the honesty in the name — using the words “queer” and “pagan.” Exactly. Townhall.com’s Mike Adams recently wrote about getting rid of taxpayer funded offices that promote the LGBT agenda, and in the piece, he makes a great point about the regular LGBT (etc.) rainbow flag, which is also, frankly, a queer pagan flag:

Those flags are just offensive. The best part about getting rid of the LGBT offices is that we can get rid of those rainbow flags that remind so many people of oppression and intolerance. Who among us hasn’t heard of someone who lost a photography business, or a bakery, or a flower shop because they refused to celebrate homosexuality against their will? Of course, private citizens have every right to own and display the rainbow flag. But governments have a moral obligation to refrain from sponsoring symbols that offend basic principles of fairness and decency.

Whatever goals the LGBT community decides to pursue in the future will surely be centered on restricting religious liberty. The government needs to make sure it does not contribute a single dime to this deeply immoral mission. Otherwise, the government will risk establishing homosexuality as our official state religion.

The LGBT movement started off by asking government to get out of their bedrooms. Now it’s time to get government out of their politics.

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Image credit: Wikipedia Commons.