Tolerance misunderstood

The advancement of the homosexual political agenda should not be tolerated.

Having compassion for people who suffer from a sexual disorientation is perfectly understandable. Extensive research into what causes homosexuality has shown that often those causes take place when a person is very young. I’d recommend the work of Charles Socarides, his book “A Freedom Too Far,” the work of Arthur Goldberg, and his book “Light in the Closet: Torah, Homosexuality and the Power to Change,” and the work of the National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality.

Sometimes tolerance is called for when co-workers, friends, or family members either make bad choices or are victims of circumstances beyond their control. But tolerance actually means to put up with something that is objectionable – so it’s critical to understand the proper foundational context of this entire issue.

Tolerance by definition isn’t acceptance, agreement, or approval. It’s one thing to be tolerant of the individuals; it’s quite another thing to be tolerant of a destructive and perverse political agenda. And not even Christian charity means that you’re supposed to forfeit the field and let the loony political left run roughshod over the culture. That’s how I understand Christianity.

When marriage is under attack, a radical ideology is being pushed in the schools, and statutes undercutting religious liberties are regularly passed, it’s time to be boldly intolerant – and to explain why.

As I noted last week, too many people are still uncomfortable or uncertain how to address the issue of homosexuality. Even some of the more articulate political candidates stumble all over the issue. Nevertheless – personnel is policy, morality matters, and civilization is behavior. It is a big mistake to attempt to separate the economic issues from the social issues (click here – see subheading in red).

A recent news report (details below) brought to mind a post from early last year in which I quoted from several sources on the topic of Gender Identity Disorder – it’s all recommended reading.

Gender Identity Disorder is still a mental illness, Mr. President and the American Family Association have weighed in on the news story – and what they’ve written is also recommended reading – especially for Republican political candidates.Emphasis is added:

President Appoints ‘Transgendered’ Individual to Federal Post

By Kim Trobee, editor

Appointee to the Commerce Department has ties to gay activist groups.

Amanda Simpson, a former test pilot for Raytheon, has been named to the Bureau of Industry and Security as Senior Technical Advisor by President Barack Obama.  Simpson, who now identifies as a female, was nominated by the National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE).

In a news release from NCTE, Simpson expressed hope to “soon be one of hundreds (of transgender presidential appointees).”

“Is there going to be a transgender quota now in the Obama administration?” asked Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth. “How far does this politics of gay and transgender activism go? Clearly this is an administration that is pandering to the gay lobby.”

According to most estimates, “transgender” individuals account for less than a fraction of 1 percent of the population. Yet, LaBarbera said, they have convinced the Obama administration to affirm their position that gender is fluid and changeable.

“We should consider what transgender activism is about,” he said,” which is essentially recognizing civil rights based on gender confusion.”

Matt Barber, associate dean at Liberty University, said the appointment “boggles the mind.”

“This isn’t like appointing an African-American in order to try to provide diversity and right some kind of discriminatory wrong,” he said.  “This is about political correctness.

“President Obama, before he was inaugurated, told the world that he had signed off on every single demand of the homosexual-activist lobby.”

LaBarbera said it’s just another way to normalize homosexuality and transgenderism.

“It’s always the incremental change that keeps moving forward and keeps getting more radical,” he said. “It’s hard for the American people to keep up.”

Posted with the permission of Citizen Link.

AFA criticizes Obama appointment of transgendered man to commerce position

President Barack Obama made history on New Year’s Eve when he appointed the former Mitchell Simpson, who now identifies himself as a female named Amanda, to a position as a senior adviser in the Commerce Department.

Simpson apparently is the first transgendered individual to become a presidential appointee to the federal government, and Simpson was quoted as saying that he hopes “I will soon be one of hundreds.” Gay activists are celebrating his appointment as a milestone in their crusade for special rights, recognition and approval for homosexual, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered behavior.

According to WorldNetDaily, Simpson, a former test pilot and father of a 15-year-old son, has spent $70,000 on a total of six sex-change operations and now presents himself as a woman.

The American Family Association (AFA) believes the appointment is a severe mistake, because it puts the weight of the federal government behind the normalization of sexual deviancy.

Tim Wildmon, president of AFA, said, “‘Amanda’ is a biological male in every cell of his body, and no amount of surgical mutilation is ever going to change that. It’s a mistake for our president to appoint such a sexually confused individual to a position of public responsibility.

“Gender is assigned by the Creator at the moment of conception, and no healthy society should ever regard sexual mutilation, even if it’s self-inflicted, as something that’s normal and merits approval. But that’s exactly the kind of signal the president has sent here. This appointment should be rescinded immediately.”

Bryan Fischer, AFA’s director of issues analysis, adds that there are some important psychiatric issues that need to be considered here: “According to the American Psychiatric Association, transgenderism is a mental health ‘disorder.’ That’s their word, not ours. This means bluntly that mental health professionals believe that Simpson is suffering from mental illness. Simpson needs therapeutic help, not a position where’s he’s shaping public policy.

“As they say in Washington, ‘personnel is policy.’ By this appointment, the president has normalized sexual confusion, sexual mutilation, and mental health disorders, and has contributed to the terrible practice of defining deviancy down in America. This appointment is bad for America.”

American Family Association is a pro-family advocacy organization with over 2.5 million online supporters.

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