Transgenderism: A Return to Pagan Mythology

Fay Voshell has been one of my favorite commentators for quite some time; she holds a M.Div. from Princeton Theological Seminary, and her articles have been published in American Thinker, National Review, RealClearReligion, and on BarbWire.

Yesterday at American Thinker she posted an article (with the above title) that is terrific on several levels. For one, I love the fact that more people are starting to use the word “pagan” to describe the beliefs of the radical social issues left-wing. Lefties think they’re so enlightened, but as I keep saying, it’s not progress they’re promoting but regression.

As with so many excellent op eds this one is tough to excerpt. Nevertheless, here are a few paragraphs:

According to the latest gender-bending theology, apparently each of us is able by mere wishful thinking about to transform ourselves from man to woman and from woman to man. It’s a bit like Lewis Carrol’s Alice in Wonderland: “I knew who I was this morning, but I’ve changed a few times since then.”

The quote from Alice in Wonderland encapsulates via satirical means the theology of gender promoted by the increasingly radical left. And, yes, “genderism” is theology, as it deals with the intrinsic nature of human identity, humans’ place in the universe and humans’ concept of God.

The fact is that the Left’s struggle against the clear-cut distinctions between the sexes is not about civil rights. It is not about equality. The struggle amounts to a religious war between the Jewish/Christian view of humanity and the pagan view of mankind.

The belief that magical transformation of material reality, including the material reality of the human being can be accomplished by magical thinking of gods and goddesses is characteristic of the pagan worldview, a world the West left behind centuries ago, but to which it is rapidly returning.

She writes that the beliefs of the social issues lefties are “characteristic of the pagan worldview, a world the West left behind centuries ago, but to which it is rapidly returning.” So going backwards is the definition of progress to “progressives.”

Voshell writes that “Paganism believes in metamorphosis by an act of will, human or divine”:

In brief, pagan mythology is characterized by the extreme malleability of material reality, including the malleability of human beings and animals. It is anti-Christian and anti-science.

Exactly. Anti-Christian, anti-science. And anti-common sense.

What about us mere mortals who accept the reality of their God-given sex? What about the vast majority of us human beings who not only accept the reality of male and female, but actually rejoice in the fixed distinctions between the sexes as a blessing from the Almighty?

As it turns out, we are the ones who are regarded by the Left as delusional, hate-filled people. Though we align ourselves with the scientific knowledge that the human race is divided into male and female, though we believe that “gender” is not infinitely malleable; though we align ourselves with the knowledge every civilization past and present is built on, the Left regards us as delusional and lovers of myth.

One more:

That is not really a man you see. It is a woman. You, dear reader, are crazy, not the gods. You are no longer sane enough to be a member of the Planet called Fitness. Further, your pizzerias will be shut down if you don’t bow down to the gods of the Left. In the long run, you hate-filled people who don’t buy into the multitudinous fantasies of the gods — fantasies more than fifty-one and counting — must be destroyed entirely because you don’t agree with the Left’s religion.

Fay Voshell’s observations parallel that of the late Stan Evans — here’s Cliff Kincaid writing just last month at

In an illustration of what Stan called the “pagan ethic,” he cites […] “the campaign to change societal views of homosexuality — to treat it as an ‘alternative lifestyle,’ as valid in its way as heterosexual conduct.” Stan comments, “Among other things, this is a reversion to pagan ways of thinking.” He cites acceptance of homosexuality in ancient civilizations such as Babylon and notes, “All of this was unequivocally condemned by the religion of the Bible.”


In Chapter Seven of his book, The Rise of Neopaganism, Stan Evans explains why and how Marxist concepts have become imbedded in Western thought. “More problematic in an immediate sense,” he writes, “are aspects of the Marxist worldview, generally not recognized as such, that have already penetrated liberal thought and are considered perfectly routine and normal.”

He is describing what we know to be the process of cultural Marxism. The return of paganism is cultural Marxism dressed up in “progressive” camouflage.

The pagan view is dominating America, thanks to the “conservatives” who join the liberals in either adopting or refusing to fight it.

“The return of paganism is cultural Marxism dressed up in ‘progressive’ camouflage.” Yep, according the social issues lefties, it is progress to return to paganism. It should be noted that those social issues lefties come in several varieties, including Democrats, Republicans, and Libertarians.

To those fiscal conservatives who cheer a return to paganism, let me wish you good luck in your attempt to reduce the size of government in a nation that can’t even figure out biological reality.

You can read Fay Voshell’s entire article at American Thinker here.

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