Transgenderism: The Ultimate Triumph of Ideology Over Reality

It’s not just transgenderism. All the issues are the same. The political left lies and distorts — and reality is ignored — whether economic or social. And conservatives fumble around and fail to fight the information war. Here’s Don Feder at

The 2009 film “The Invention of Lying” is set in a world where everyone tells the absolute truth. One day, the protagonist accidentally discovers that you can tell people something that’s palpably false and, no matter how outrageous or absurd, they’ll believe you, because they can’t comprehend the idea of lying.

To test his new insight, he has a conversation with a couple of his buddies in a bar, with hilarious results. Protagonist (who’s clearly Caucasian): “I’m black.” First friend: “Great, I always wanted a black friend.” Protagonist: “I’m an Eskimo.” Second friend: “I didn’t know they had those, black Eskimos.” Protagonist; “I invented the bicycle.” First friend: “If I buy one, can I get a discount?”

This is the essence of transgenderism: I am whatever I say I am and you must accept my assertion and behave accordingly, otherwise you are a bigot who is oppressing me.

Last week, a U.S. district court judge in Texas ruled that the Obama administration lacks the authority to order school districts to allow students to use the bathrooms and changing rooms that conform to their “gender identity.”

The judge said the word “sex” in Title IX (which prohibits discrimination in education based on sex) refers to what’s on your birth certificate, not what’s in your mind.

On Friday, a district court judge in North Carolina reached the opposite conclusion – ruling that, a state law notwithstanding, students and employees at the University of North Carolina can’t be stopped from restroom shopping.

Transgenderism is the ultimate triumph of ideology over reality – but only until something even loonier comes along. The creation of the transgendered, and demand for special rights for same, satisfies the ceaseless quest for new sexual minorities and furthers the goal of making ethical norms obsolete.

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