Transontological: Personal Identity is Now a Narrative Unmoored from Facts

Writing at The Federalist last week Robert Tracinski used a few good lines that are too good to miss.

“This year,” Tracinski wrote, our society has moved

beyond merely inventing a narrative about events that happened to you or things you want to be true in the outside world. Now it is about who you are. Caitlyn Jenner and Rachel Dolezal? […] Their own personal identity is a narrative unmoored from facts.

We are now “beyond being transsexual or even transracial,” Tracinski writes, and have arrived at the “transontological.”

That is terrific — and I sure hope it catches on. Transontological!

Tracinski writes that society is now “all about defending the narrative of self-identity from the narrow-minded bigotry of those who base their opinions on nothing more than facts.”

The piece is too good to miss — read it here.

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