Trump vs. the PC Clowns

Here is Tiffany Koogler writing at American Thinker:

I have something horrific to share with Americans. As you read, you may want to locate your smelling salts and fainting couch. Have strong coffee, and for the rowdy types, a sniffer of brandy ready. Steel your spines, have courage and grip your Lazy Boy arms tightly. Here it comes: Men say raunchy things about women when we are not around to hear them.

This news changes American culture as we know it. The millions of dollars spent monthly on pornography, complete with mobile phone apps for sites like Lesbian Lick Out, thousands of strip clubs, the topless car washes — these were outliers. No one had any idea, in our vast, silly country, that men want to have sex with women, usually hot ones, even if they are married.

The same groups of clowns who wring their hands over any boundaries or limitations on the sacred cow of sexuality are now shaking with puritanical rage at Trump and his garden-variety comments about women and an extramarital affair.

This is the country that intentionally bankrupted and ruined the life of a baker because she declined to bake a cake for a lesbian marriage. We make taxpayers pay for prison inmates to change their penises into vaginas so they don’t have gender confusion. We elevate and pay millions to monstrosities like Nicki Minaj, who was allowed on conservative Fox television as an “American Idol” judge, with songs like “Freaky Girl”, whose tamest line is: “coochie overflowin’ like somebody let the faucet run.”

And yet, because Trump made some stupid comments, about on the level of debauchery as Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, the entrenched power elites and their prostitutes, the Mainstream Media, are crucifying him as if he had proclaimed a love of pederasty with preschoolers.

In the last five decades, no one person has made the 1% as nervous and enraged as Trump does. Trump is part of the 1% himself. Why does he make them so insane?

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