Trump’s Entrepreneurial Approach Threatens the Washington Establishment, Says Newt Gingrich

Entrepreneurial approach in government? It’s about time. Newt Gingrich is doing a series of speeches about “Trumpism.” Here is Morgan Walker writing at The Daily Signal:

President-elect Donald Trump is on a collision course with the Washington establishment, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said Thursday. A city that is accustomed to doing things a certain way contrasts sharply with Trump’s entrepreneurial approach, he observed.

Gingrich spoke at The Heritage Foundation for the second of a six-part series on understanding Trump and Trumpism. Thursday’s lecture examined the difference between Trump approach’s of “ahead of schedule and under budget” vs. the Washington approach of “behind schedule and over budget.”

The American people can expect Trump to govern similarly to how he ran his campaign—unconventionally, Gingrich said.

“What you have is a president-elect who is entrepreneurial rather than either corporate or bureaucratic, which is part of why he can tweet—he knows what he thinks,” Gingrich said. “He doesn’t have to go to his staff and say, ‘Would five of you sit down for a long period and come back and tell me whether or not I actually think this.’”

Following the event, Gingrich told The Daily Signal that the key to understanding Trumpism is to understand how Trump makes decisions. He pointed to Trump’s success of refurbishing the Wollman Rink, a public ice skating rink in New York’s Central Park. Trump refers to this project in “The Art of the Deal” as an example of what to expect in the future administration.

Gingrich noted that “Trump knows you get what you inspect, not what you expect.”

He added, “This tells you a lot about how he gets a Cabinet, how he designs a campaign.”

Gingrich compared Trump’s candidacy to his experience as a builder, placing an emphasis on Trump’s entrepreneurial spirit.

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Image credit: Willis Bretz for The Daily Signal.