Trump’s Strange Allies

By Peter Skurkiss:

Donald Trump has some strange domestic allies. For want of a better term, call them the Bernie Sanders crowd (BSC).

Before you scoff, hear me out. And for the record, this is not a dig at Trump. Rather it is an observation of the inherent attractiveness of MAGA.

. . .

There will never be a political marriage between Donald Trump and crazy Bernie. But that doesn’t preclude many of the BSC sneaking under the sheets to find warm comfort in the Trump agenda. Why? Because although the Millennials have been indoctrinated from kindergarten through college with the dogmas of liberalism, self-interest will eventually prevail.

The Millennials are young. They want decent careers and a chance for the lifestyle their parents had. It may take them some time, but sooner or later, it will dawn on many (not all) of them that the only chance to obtain that is with Trump’s MAGA agenda and not the policies of the Democratic Party.

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