Trump’s The One

Here is Bill Schanefelt writing today at American Thinker:

This year’s singularly perverse presidential race — on both sides — perfectly illustrates Mr. Dooley’s observation that “Politics ain’t beanbag.”  In fact, in almost makes action in the Roman Coliseum seem gentle by comparison!

AT contributor Jack Cashill describes this race succinctly in his compelling article here: “The respective campaigns are vulgar, crass, sleazy, and dishonest ….”

However, having looked away from the gore and closed my ears to the cacophony, I am supporting Donald Trump given the alternatives. but I think a look at the current state of play is in order before I attempt to justify my acceptance of a billet in Trump’s camp.

To the Mainstream Media, the GOP establishment, and much if not most, of the conservative commentariat, Trump is an abhorrence and a monumental electoral disaster-in-waiting.  To be sure, they all may have it just right, but, as Rush Limbaugh says repeatedly, individuals or groups that hold those and similar notions about Trump understand neither the man nor the message, and they certainly do not understand the force behind Trumpmentum.

To name just three men who know, like, and respect him, Trump, the man, is to Rush, Newt, and Rudy an honest, decent, talented person who would be good for the country.  Now, none of the three have said so in those words, but that is the take-away I have from what they say about him.

And, I further think, those three and I believe that the message is not “Make America Great Again,” but “I can get it done.”

The driving force behind Trump’s appeal is that people are sick of and intensely angry at all politicians, establishments, and circumstances that have placed them in the midst of the sorry state of affairs extant today.

Before dismissing that observation as a Blinding Glimpse of the Obvious, please consider that the gravity of that sickness/anger is incomprehensible to those who do not believe in that force.

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