U.K. Lesbian Threatened Over Her Campaign To Remove The ‘T’ From LGBT

By Libby Emmons:

There’s a distinct schism in feminism and gay rights between those who acknowledge that trans ideology reinforces sex-based stereotypes, and those so blinded by ‘compassion,’ they believe sex is a mutable condition.

Lawyer Allison Bailey is the latest U.K. woman to be investigated, singled out, and shamed for her view that biological sex is innate and only women can be lesbians. Bailey, a barrister for the firm Garden Court Chambers, was vocally enthusiastic about the launch of the LGB Alliance last month, which dropped the “T” for trans.

Because of this, she is being investigated by her own employer, although her activities with the LGB Alliance are on her own time and not under the auspices of her firm. One might even conclude it is her lesbianism itself that is under fire from her employer, as that is the root of her activism with the LGB Alliance.

More and more women are coming up under investigation and charges of transphobia. Leftists are ostracizing and shunning them for their views. This is actually a good thing, because it means women are waking up to this absurdity, wiping the compassionate sleep from their eyes, and taking a stand despite the personal and professional costs.

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