Understanding Sexual Disorientation: A Natural Law Analysis of Gender Identity Disorder

Two articles of note from Scott Lively:

Understanding Sexual Disorientation: A Natural Law Analysis of Gender Identity Disorder

Natural law is very simply the byproduct of accurate perception of the natural order by a rational mind devoted to truth-seeking. America’s Founding Fathers held this perspective and defined such truths to be “self-evident” in the Declaration of Independence.

The Apostle Paul wrote that God reveals the truth about the natural order of human sexuality and gender, and about His authorship of it, so clearly that people have no defense for false perceptions of it and actually suffer His anger for suppressing it (Romans 1:18-32).

Even secular Aristotle rooted his invention of the scientific method, foundation of all modern secular science, in the natural law presupposition. His axiom, called Teleology, held that the purpose of any thing can be discerned from its design and function. Thus the purpose of the eye is to see, and the purpose of human sexuality is to bond men and women together in self-contained natural families, which collectively establish natural communities, which makes civilization possible. These are self-evident truths.

The phenomenon of gender identity confusion is also self-evident to any truth-seeking person with a rational mind.

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The Common Root of LGBT Dysfunctions

The “gay” movement promotes itself as a coalition of “sexual minorities:” Lesbian, “Gay,” Bisexual and Transgendered (LGBT). “Transgendered” is a category that includes all people who seek to change their physical appearance to that of the opposite gender from which they were born. It includes both transvestites, who limit their gender alteration to clothing and cosmetic changes, and transsexuals, who have their bodies surgically altered to resemble those of the opposite sex.

One day, while pondering the relationship between homosexuality and transgenderism, I was reminded of Genesis 1:27, in which God explains that He created all human beings in His image as male and female (i.e.. “His image” is both halves taken together). I have often sermonized on this topic: that He created us not just as two genders, man and woman, but that each of us, regardless of physical gender, is intended to have a balance of masculine and feminine qualities. Jesus Himself exhibited this principle in His earthly ministry: on one hand comparing himself to a “mother hen” wanting to protect Jerusalem under her wings (Matthew 23:37) and on the other forcefully driving the money changers from the temple with a whip that he made with His own hands (John 2:15).

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