Vastly overpaying public employees has a long tradition in Illinois.

Championnews has a long tradition of reporting on the high and outrageous salaries paid to current employees especially those in the K-12 Industrial Complex. But Family Taxpayers Foundation (FTF) has done research that shows that the overpaying of public employees also has a long tradition in Illinois. FTF has looked at pension records to see what final salaries were paid for employees the year before they retired and to no one’s surprise has found a wealth of new information showing public pension and salary scams have been around a long time. Maybe as long as 194 years in the case of Township School Trustees.

FTF Research asked the five state pension funds and the IMRF pension fund for local employees to provide the final salaries for retired employees. This information is needed by the pension funds in order to calculate the pensions.

The question championnews asks is how do $450,000 plus salaries for Park District employees come to pass in the first place? Where are the elected officials the supposed guardians of the public tax dollar? In the examples shown on the FTF website the answer: they are nowhere to be found.

The FTF website has a wealth of research on important topics. The following are just a few examples.

IMRF Retirees with ending salaries over $250,000

TRS Retirees who received $1 million plus in salary over 4 years.

Retired TRS members who had Salaries over $300,000/yr. while working.