VIDEO: Liberals Outraged by Cadillac Ad

EIB NetworkIt is a good ad — and it’s no wonder the lefties hate it. From Rush Limbaugh:

There’s a headline here at the Huffing and Puffington Post. It’s by a woman named Carolyn Gregoire […] headline: “Cadillac Made a Commercial About the American Dream, and it is a Nightmare.” This commercial has hit a nerve in the left that is such a teachable moment!

This commercial itself and the reaction to it by the left is all anyone needs know about what really has become of the Democrat Party and the American left. The actor is Neal McDonough…. He’s playing the part here of a successful American male, who happens to own one of these new Cadillac electric cars. […]

Now, the left is simply outraged because they perceived this to be an attack on Western European socialism. This is Cadillac. Remember what I’ve always told you about advertising? Advertising that works is advertising that properly, correctly takes the pulse of the people it is targeted to.

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