VIDEO: Why is homosexuality wrong?

Why do we spend so much time in this country having to deal with the sexual predilictions of 2-3% of the population? It’s behavior, after all — it’s how a tiny group wishes to achieve orgasm. The reason is — as AFTAH’s Peter LaBarbera has explained — too many homosexuals have a psychological need to get everyone’s approval for their behavior. Since they’re failing to do so, now they’re demanding it and seek to force it through the power of law. This issue would go away if this small segment of society would try to improve their self esteem through other means.

Here’s what a friend of mine said about the short video of John Piper posted below:

This is fantastic, but I wish one very important point would be constantly added to these explanations. That is, homosexual political ACTIVISM, not Christianity, is what is causing it to be uniquely more focused on than other sins.