Wall Street Journal’s blinkered view of Trump’s trade policies

By Jack Hellner:

Almost every day, the Wall Street Journal and other news outlets have articles about how disastrous Trump’s trade policies will be. This past weekend was not at all different with the paper’s editorial “Trade Casualties Mount,” where it talked about problems at Alcoa and other aluminum companies.


  • The economy is growing rapidly
  • Unemployment is near record lows (especially for women, blacks, and Hispanics)
  • Manufacturing jobs are up
  • Full time jobs are up
  • Wages are rising faster
  • Stocks are near all-time highs
  • Corporate profits are up around 20%
  • Corporate sales are up over 8%
  • Consumer confidence is high
  • Business confidence is high
  • Capital spending is up substantially
  • More people think the country is heading in the right direction, higher than in any of Obama’s eight years
  • Exports are up over 8% year to date

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