‘It’s a War on Christians’: Muslim Persecution of Christians

Decades ago, before the dominant media become severely anti-Christian, this news of persecution would have been big news. Now, not nearly enough Americans know what is happening in some of these anti-Christian barbaric countries. So it is up to the conservative press to reach more people with the information — and so far they’re failing miserably in this part of the information war.

Here is Raymond Ibrahim reporting at the Gatestone Institute:

“The shopkeepers returned, trapped him in his home, set the room on fire and locked it. They stayed outside the room and did not allow any of the family members or local residents to unlock the room to save Ameen’s life.” The man was burned alive. — Pakistan Christian Post.

Mike said that five uniformed railway transport officers stood by idly watching the attack. According to a local Orthodox priest, “There are gangs of these young fellows of Muslim background who have been harassing people they identify as Christian… You don’t hear about it because no one’s reporting it.” — Sydney, Australia.

According to a new study, 59% of Indonesians who responded to a survey have carried out acts of intolerance against non-Muslim minorities, and religious radicalization is on the rise. Only 11% of Indonesians are strongly opposed to an Islamic nation that governs according to strict Islamic law, Sharia. Around 11.5 million Indonesians are “spiritually” ready to make radical fundamental changes in Indonesian society. “They want to adopt laws inspired by Sharia, and their demands will become more and more radical,” said a spokesperson for the statistical study. — Indonesia.

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The image is courtesy of the Japan Times, posted with their article “Anti-Christian religious persecution on the rise” by Doug Bandow.