A Weak and Crumbling Foundation

Here is Deana Chadwell writing about the crumbling foundation of our culture:

What do humans do when they discover — albeit subconsciously — that everything they’ve believed in is wrong — is, in fact, evil?  Are folks likely to do a face-palm; shake their heads; and say, “Can’t believe I bought into such stupidity!”? Sometimes the truly honest among us will do that, but it doesn’t happen often. When the ground shakes under us, we are more likely to just mindlessly grab for the nearest support.

If we grew up certain:

  • that God is just a convenient fairy tale;
  • that the government’s purpose is to take the place of indulgent parents;
  • that sexual desires, all sexual desires should be fulfilled ASAP;
  • that people are just the evolutionary top of the food chain;
  • and are merely animals and therefore expendable;
  • that drugs are enlightening;
  • that truth is nonexistent;
  • and that, most important of all, utopia is within our reach because we know better than God how to organize a nation,

…then what do we do when we see even our most important leaders functioning as if there is no moral code? What do we think when the people we see as special turn out to be sexual predators? How are we to understand our misery when our children OD on opioids, kill themselves over Facebook bullying, or kill others just because they are angry or want to be famous? How do we handle it when we pray to the God we no longer believe in and get no response at all?

What do we do? Most people look around desperately for someone else to blame, or even better, some inanimate object to hold accountable. Ban guns! It takes no moral courage to blame a thing, but it takes massive internal fortitude to look in the mirror and blame the unsustainable ideas we’ve held dear now for several generations.

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