What Barack Obama needed to read about marriage but never did…

Here’s an excerpt from what Dave Smith at the Illinois Family Institute posted earlier today:

President Obama Embraces Same-Sex Marriage

[P]erhaps the most disturbing part of [Obama’s] announcement is how he frames the issue. It is the same way the Left and their allies in the media narrate and spin their agenda. Obama explains that “I’ve always been adamant that gay and lesbian Americans should be treated fairly and equally…” Of course, we agree that all Americans should be treated fairly and equally – including those who self-identify as homosexual. But fairness and equality does not include legally elevating same-sex relationships to the same level of the God ordained institution of marriage. They are not equal.

And the notion that homosexual partners are somehow being denied the freedom to live as they wish, is absurd. Homosexuals have the liberty to have a relationship with any consenting adult (or adults) they wish. No one is stopping them from having these relationships. Taking these relationships into the public square demanding that we change public policy, create special laws and change the very definition of marriage is intolerable. Americans cannot stand by and watch foundational institution like marriage be undermined by a minority wanting to impose a radical political agenda on the rest of us.

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Obama has never really been honest about his position on this issue – we’ve all known he’s supported “homosexual marriage” all along. It’s too bad he never bothered to take seriously the arguments made in defense of the institution of marriage – like those found in the links below:

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