What I heard and saw during my two days at the Gosnell murder trial

Bryan Kemper

Bryan Kemper

The first of 2 posts regarding the Gosnell trial for this May Day… This one is not easy to read but I believe it’s accurate — an excerpt from a post by Bryan Kemper at StandTrue.com:

[T]he pro-choice crowd is working hard to draw a stark line between themselves and Gosnell. Which is an uphill battle, because it’s the mainstream pro-choice ideology and worldview that led directly, without passing “Go,” to Kermit Gosnell.

Abortion advocates are essentially no different from Nazis or Soviet Communists. All of them have picked a class of humans to sacrifice. Let’s take the Nazis for example: over a period of time and by a series of complex political and social occurrences and manuevers, the Jew became Germany’s scapegoat. Getting rid of Jews (and priests, and gypsies, and homosexuals, and the mentally and physically disabled, etc.) was a necessary sacrifice to make Germany better, more prosperous, and safer. The exterminations took place somewhere else, where the average Berlin shop girl couldn’t see and wonder at the clusters of buildings surrounded by barbed wire, the oily smoke rising from the chimneys.

“How can you possibly write that?” some of you are screaming at your monitors. “How dare you diminish the suffering of the Holocaust?”

I’m not diminishing anything. You are. Because history repeats itself, and denial is very human.

Today, in America, unborn humans are the Jews. They’re not “real” humans, just like Jews weren’t “real” humans. I mean, they’re alive, but not technically. They don’t feel and see and think, not the way we do. They’re different. They even look different.

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