What Liberals Fear More Than Obama Losing

Dispatches recommended from AmericanThinker.com:

The left are now wringing their hands fearing their agenda is overripe, blaming everyone else for their own spoiled pickling. While Obama’s sinking prospects for re-election are disquieting, the real source of liberals’ despair is their sudden, unexpected realization that the progressive agenda is dead in its tracks and will likely be in full retreat after 2012.


The end of the Progressive Era, eclipsing Obama, has come from two places — one fiscal and pragmatic, the other ideological and visceral. First, the debt crisis and persistent economic woes have made it clear that the progressive agenda is unaffordable and unsustainable…

Second, beyond the limited government ideology now gaining real traction, Americans without an ideology are finding that central planning madness from Washington is making their lives worse, not better.

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