What’s Going On: Perfection is Not an Option

Rush Limbaugh mentioned this New York Post article by Mark Cunningham today: Donald Trump has invented a new way to win. It’s recommended reading. Below are excerpts from Rush talking about Trump today:

RUSH: The majority of Trump’s support base is not the Republican base.  The majority of Trump’s support base is not conservative. There are quite a few, but I don’t think they’re the majority. And if they are the majority of the Trump support base, it’s a very, very tiny majority. His coalition — it’s really ironic — the coalition that Trump has put together is exactly what the Republican Party has been telling us conservatives they need to do to win.

CALLER: So what is it gonna take to wake everyone up to cross that line? If Trump comes in and makes it big in South Carolina in this primary, then what is it gonna take? Is it just a done deal? What do you think it’s gonna take?

RUSH: To do what?

CALLER: To wake everybody up, to switch over —

RUSH: Wendy, I think everybody’s awake on our side.

This is what you gotta come to terms — everybody’s awake. And there are a lot of people — you’re putting me in a very difficult position here. [Y]ou would not believe the number of people that are coming at me as though all of this is my fault, that I could have stopped this way back when if I would have just been a leader, if I would have just done this or that.


RUSH: The best thing I could tell you, folks, I guess, as I assess all this, is this is not an election, with a competition of philosophies. We’re way beyond that. People are not gonna rely on philosophy to accomplish anything. You can have the best philosophy in the world, I don’t care what you call it, and it’s not gonna mean anything if you’re up against somebody who succeeds at making people think he’s gonna break balls, kick butts, take names, put people in prison, fix the country, make the country great again, whatever the hell that means to people. You can philosophize all day long in competition against it, and we’ll see you in the rearview mirror.

* * * * *

RUSH: Trump is serious about winning. But back to the point, folks, nobody’s asleep here, especially — now, people on the left, that’s a whole different ball of wax. I don’t know about them. My attitude about the low-information crowd, they’re just mind-numbed, brain-dead robots anyway. It doesn’t matter if they’re awake or not, they’re going through life in a dependency haze. So it doesn’t really matter. They’re gonna vote the way they vote anyway.

People on our side, if you think they’re not awake, you’ve got to reexamine it. They are totally awake. They’re awake to the point they’re not sleeping, they’re so ticked off, or so energized, or so engaged, or what have you. The second point that I made to her is that this is not an election of competing philosophies, ideological philosophies. People say to me Trump’s not a conservative. People say to me Trump’s not a liberal. Trump’s not a conservative. What is Trump, then?

Where is all the conservatism? Is it on Fox News? Is it National Review? Is it over at the American Spectator? Where is it? It isn’t in the Republican Party. That is for darn sure, and so many people are livid about that. I’m talking about the party establishment. Yes, Ted Cruz. Look, what more do you want me to say? Ted Cruz is the closest living thing to Ronald Reagan we’re ever gonna have in our lifetimes. I don’t know what more I can say about Ted Cruz.

RUSH: I have said countless times that Trump is not conservative. I said he’s not ideological. I’ve said he doesn’t look at Chuck Schumer and see an ideological enemy like you and I would. He just doesn’t. I’ve tried to say it after the debate on Saturday. What more do I have to say? Trump’s targeting liberals and Democrats. Name a conservative who does that.

CALLER: Do you believe the country would be in good shape with a President Trump?

RUSH: Do I believe the country would be in good shape with a President Trump? I believe —

CALLER: Versus a President Cruz or a President Rubio.

RUSH: I’m gonna answer it this way. Honest, from the depths of my heart: This country needs to be saved from the Democrat Party. The Democrat Party is the most destructive force in this country, and anything that beats it, anything that blows it to smithereens, anything that renders it a minority institution — ’cause that’s what I think needs to happen –CALLER: The Democrat Party just as an institution or liberalism in general? Because Trump is liberalism.

RUSH: The Democrat Party as an institution. The people who… The Democrat Party and the things that it stands for, the things that it’s doing under Barack Obama, that’s the new Democrat Party. The new Democrat Party believes America is ill-formed, it is ill-gotten. The modern Democrat Party thinks that United States of America is illegitimate. Donald Trump doesn’t think that. The modern Democrat Party thinks that United States of America is the problem in the world because of our superpower status.

We are too rich. We’re thieves. We’ve stolen everything we’ve got. The modern Democrat Party thinks that this country does not deserve half of what it has, and its objective is to strip this country down. Strip it bare, open the borders, and let anybody in the world in here. The objective is to tear down every institution and tradition that’s made this country great from our founding forward. That’s gotta be stopped. It’s simple, to me.


RUSH: It’s really simple, my friends: I don’t want to destroy anybody who could defeat Hillary Clinton. I don’t want to damage anybody who could defeat the Democrat Party. It’s no more complicated than that. The establishment still thinks all this anger here is a bunch of spoiled brat, little children-type anger. They don’t get it yet. They need to be awakened fully.

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