‘When you actually get into it, and explain the facts…they understand’

What can happen when the facts reach people and the material is properly spelled out? An economics professor called the Rush Limbaugh show yesterday and told what happened when he explained to his students a controversial point Rush had made on the radio (I bolded the key lines):

CALLER: [Rush wanted Obama’s polices] to fail because they were bad for the country, that socialism promises economic advancement for all but it’s free enterprise that actually delivers on that promise, and that’s what economic theory, facts, and history have proven time and time again. So I just want you to know, I feel your pain, and I was doing my part in my neck of the woods.

RUSH: What kind of success rate did you have in explaining this to students who didn’t quite get it?

CALLER: It actually is very remarkable that when you actually get into it, and explain the facts, they’re there. And they respond. And they understand. The only problem is that most of my colleagues that teach economics — and unfortunately many in business today in higher education are socialists and actually hate the free enterprise system.

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