Why the Left Is Desperate to Sabotage Trump’s Health Care Plans

Too bad way too few Americans will ever learn about Trump’s health care plans — here is Robert Moffit:

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Md., is coming out guns blazing against what he calls the Trump administration’s “sabotage” of Obamacare.

Hoyer recently declared, “The Trump administration’s ongoing effort to take health care coverage away from millions of Americans and take critical protections away from millions more through sabotage and lawsuits is reprehensible.”

The majority leader is backing a House resolution condemning said sabotage, while the House Energy and Commerce Committee is finishing up a series of legislative measures to roll back the Trump administration’s “ongoing sabotage” of the Affordable Care Act, including its expansion of “junk plans” as alternatives to Obamacare plans.

American taxpayers should ignore these partisan political theatrics. Under the Trump initiatives, Americans who like their Obamacare plan can keep their Obamacare plan, but they also enable Americans to obtain a more affordable and flexible benefit package if they wish.

Trump’s policy is one of addition, not subtraction.

The liberal congressional agenda is exactly the opposite: a policy of subtraction. Personal health care needs or preferences are deemed irrelevant and to be made illegal. Instead, they insist that federal officials should have veto power over any health insurance alternatives, and that they alone should exercise absolute control over the kinds of health plans, benefits, and medical treatments and procedures that Americans can have.

Recall that President Barack Obama repeatedly promised, among other things, that Obamacare would lower health costs for individuals and families, expand personal choice and competition, and allow Americans to keep their health plans and doctors.

As far as “sabotage,” the record is clear: Obamacare sabotaged Obamacare.

Over the last four years, Obamacare delivered soaring health insurance premium costs in the exchanges (jumping 105% between 2013 and 2017 alone); many thousands of dollars in individual and family deductibles; a collapse of choice and competition in the individual insurance markets; a flattening and declining exchange enrollment; and a progressive reduction in patients’ choice of physicians and medical facilities. Today, 72% of Obamacare plans have narrow provider networks.

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Image credit: www.dailysignal.com.