Why Trump Might Win

Here’s Bruce Walker writing at American Thinker:

There seems to be a broad consensus among punditry of all stripes that a Trump candidacy might spell disaster for Republicans next November. Maybe, but maybe not. Trump might beat Hillary, and he might beat her decisively.

If this sounds counterintuitive, then think about this: everything this election season is counterintuitive. Trump in a general election battle with Hillary would have several potentially devastating advantages.

He represents outsiders in a way that few politicians in modern politics do. Trump has run hard and openly against the establishment of the Republican Party, and the leadership has snipped and snapped at him as much as he has snipped and snapped at them. Trump is running, more or less brazenly, outside the Republican Party.

Trump is also showing himself a master of media. He grasps shock value. He knows how to command attention. He does not retract or apologize, but rather attacks the media itself. Americans like this, too. The media is seen as an integral part of the establishment, and the media behaves that way as well.

Nothing looks more pathetic or inept than the mainstream media trying to defend itself from attacks of unfairness. If Trump can put the media on the defensive, then he may force them not to attack him as fiercely as they might, and if Trump can uncover the slightest smidgen of collusion by the mainstream media to throttle his campaign, he may force a near collapse of their negative coverage of him.

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Image credit: www.americanspectator.com.