Will Americans vote for a capitalist or socialist future for our country in 2020?

American Thinker’s K.S. Guardiola makes it simple — will we have a capitalist or socialist future?:

The upcoming election will present the voter a clear choice of a path for America’s future: a capitalist one supported by the policies of President Trump that promotes the role of the individual or a socialist one supported by Democrats that promotes an expanded role for government in our economic and personal lives. Many issues will be debated during the run-up to the next election; however, the choice between which of these two divergent paths America will take is the essential issue that the voters will determine. Under the guidance of President Trump, prospects for our country have never been better. However, a real possibility also exists that our country has never been closer to losing any connection to our founding principles if the Democrats win the next election.

For the average American, understanding the right path for the future success and well-being of our country is an ongoing challenge. President Trump has faced unprecedented and unrelenting opposition from multiple aligned segments of society, including the mainstream media, the celebrity culture, the academic elite, and the entertainment industry. In addition, few opportunities for any favorable views of the Trump agenda and any acknowledgement of his many positive achievements are tolerated. Objective political truth in our nation is becoming a rarer commodity as the increasingly powerful and disconnected societal elites mentioned above attempt to control us by deception and distortion.

It is imperative for all Republican candidates in this election cycle to unite with President Trump and deliver a message to the American people that the road to prosperity and our continued success as a nation is directly dependent on supporting our free enterprise system and a political system dedicated to preserving the power and freedom of the individual.

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Image credit: Daily Caller.