Will Illinois GOP Platform Committee Members Embarrass Themselves?

Remember those infamous Jay Leno Show man on the street interviews? It’s always painful to watch people reveal their ignorance.

There are reports that there is a majority on the Illinois Republican Party Platform Committee who aren’t exactly well-read. Get ready to cringe.

The word on the street is that there are geniuses who think endorsing the radical left-wing (cultural Marxist) LGBT agenda is a good fit for the GOP. Illinois Review is reporting this troubling news:

Eleven of the 18 members of the Illinois Republican Party platform committee reportedly are agreed that the one-man, one-woman marriage plank should be removed from the 2016 platform….Committee members that support removing the section say the IL GOP’s position preferring one-man/one-woman marriage over same sex marriage is viewed negatively by younger voters that are more libertarian on the issue.

More libertarian? You mean the same generation that is infatuated with self-proclaimed socialist Bernie Sanders? I can only assume that the next step is for the Illinois GOP to “feel the Bern.”

For more on this story, read this very important article from Illinois Family Action’s Dave Smith: Illinois GOP to Remove “Marriage” Plank in Platform. Note especially the great suggestions for the Illinois GOP Platform Committee from Laurie Higgins!

Here are the names of the people who don’t seem to grasp a few simple things — (such as the fact that the millennial generation needs to be taught about economics as well as marriage):

Kathy Hilton

Kurt Diekelman

Angel Garcia

Cindy Burke

Pat Brady

Ryan Higgins

Elisha French

Chair Mike Bigger

Co-Chair Brian Colgan

Oh and yes, please feel free to reach out to them and tell them that the role of the Republican Party is to lead, not follow. To set the standard. To learn from centuries of experience. To follow science — in this case, social science — which is overwhelming on the side of one-man/one-woman marriage when it comes to properly raising children and serving as the foundation for society.

These individuals, apparently, are about to be outed — for their ignorance.

Ignorance about the fact that the “LGBT” doesn’t stop at the “T.” Even as we are forced to contend with the Obama Administration’s ludicrous actions regarding “transgenders” and bathrooms in public schools, certain members of the IL GOP Platform Committee are ready to follow (as Rush Limbaugh calls him) Barack Hussein O’s lead.

The people named above seem to think they’re cutting edge, progressive, up with the times. Actually, what they propose is to set the Republican Party on course with the agenda that wants to put men in women’s public washrooms and showers. And worse.

Non-discrimination statutes led to civil unions which led to same-sex pseudo marriage which led to Americans losing their first freedom (religious liberty). Oh, and now the bathroom thing. But fasten your seat belts because again it doesn’t end with the T in LGBT. There are many more variations to follow. Here is just one expanded list:

L – lesbian: a woman who is attracted to other women

G – gay: a man who is attracted to other men or broadly people who identify as homosexual

B – bisexual: a person who is attracted to both men and women

T – transgender: a person whose gender identity is different from the sex the doctor put down on their birth certificate

Q – queer: originally used as a hate term, some people want to reclaim the word, while others find it offensive. It can be a political statement, suggest that someone doesn’t want to identify with “binaries” (e.g. male v female, homosexual v straight) or that they don’t want to label themselves only by their sexual activity

Q – questioning: a person who is still exploring their sexuality or gender identity

I – intersex: a person whose body is not definitively male or female. This may be because they have chromosomes which are not XX or XY or because their genitals or reproductive organs are not considered “standard”

A – allies: a person who identifies as straight but supports people in the LGBTQQIAAP community

A – asexual: a person who is not attracted in a sexual way to people of any gender

P – pansexual: a person whose sexual attraction is not based on gender and may themselves be fluid when it comes to gender or sexual identity.

Got it?

Here’s another: LGBTOMGWTFBBQS. (It’s not a funny topic, but I don’t think it’s wrong to laugh now and then.)

For the sake of remedial education, let’s review: If you think it ends with the “T,” please get with the times and learn. For example…

“It’s only non-discrimination statutes.” Wrong.

“It’s only civil unions.” Wrong again.

“It’s only ‘gay marriage.’” Are you seeing a pattern yet?

“It’s only opening the girls high school locker room to guys who think they’re girls.”

Listen, I don’t expect Pat Brady to figure out what is cultural degradation. He has been on the payroll of the radical left-wing ACLU – LOL (yes, laugh out loud). Just yesterday a wise political veteran asked me – “what is a paid lobbyist doing on the platform committee?” Good question.

“LGBT” actually just represent “paraphilias,” here’s the definition:

Paraphilia (from Greek παρά para “beside” and -philia φιλία “friendship, love”) is the experience of intense sexual arousal to atypical objects, situations, or individuals. Paraphilic behavior (such as pedophilia, zoophilia, sexual sadism, and exhibitionism) may be illegal in some jurisdictions, but may also be tolerated. No consensus has been found for any precise border between unusual personal sexual tastes and paraphilic ones. There is debate over which, if any, of the paraphilias should be listed in diagnostic manuals, such as the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) or the International Classification of Diseases.

The number and taxonomy of paraphilias is under debate; one source lists as many as 549 paraphilias. Several sub-classifications of the paraphilias have been proposed, and some argue that a fully dimensional, spectrum or complaint-oriented approach would better reflect the evidence.

Did you catch that number? 549. In 2016 we’re only at #4 — transgenderism. Expect acceleration. As those who represent each of the 549 assert their “rights,” I assume Pat Brady and his ACLU like-minded allies on the platform committee will feel a sense of pride.

In reality (as clear thinking people know) this isn’t progress. It’s called regression anytime a society rejects what Western Civilization has learned throughout centuries of history.

In Dave Smith’s article linked above, he includes this information:

The latest report we’ve received has the vote at 9-7 with 5 committee members’ positions unknown. Please contact the members of the Platform Committee below and urge them to stand firm for marriage:

Chair Mike Bigger — remove plank
(309) 238-0113 and mike@mikebigger.com

Co-Chair Blair Garber — unknown
(312) 961-1791 and blairgarber@gmail.com

Co-Chair Brian Colgan — remove plank
(630) 202-5832 and bcolgan513@gmail.com

Dist 1.  Kathy Hilton — remove plank
(815) 919-2772 and kathy@nlgop.com

Dist 2.  Kurt Diekelman — remove plank
(708) 877-5500 and ttown300@aol.com

Dist 3.  Brent Woods — unknown
(708) 717-0955 and bwoods.platform@gmail.com

Dist 4.  Angel Garcia — remove plank
(312) 375-0979 and angeldgarcia@gmail.com

Dist 5.  Cindy Burke — remove plank
(630) 673-3219 and cindyburke22@yahoo.com

Dist 6.  Pat Brady — remove plank
(312) 972-7348 and pbradynxtgen@gmail.com

Dist 7.  Linda Tobensky — unknown
(708) 351-7790 and ltibensky@comcast.net

Dist 8.  Ryan Higgins — remove plank
(312) 590-6186 and ryan@ryanhiggins.com

Dist 9.  Dave Carabotta — keep plank
(312) 217-4255 and daclawoffices@aol.com

Dist 10.  Marjorie Kubalanza — keep plank
(847) 687-4763 and mkubalanza@yahoo.com

Dist 11.  Raquel Mitchell — keep plank
(630) 936-9578 and raquelmelanie@gmail.com

Dist 12.  Patti Howard — keep plank
(618) 889-6943 and pattihowardgop@gmail.com

Dist 13.  Terri Koyne — keep plank
(217) 851-4789 and macoupincorepublicans@gmail.com

Dist 14.  Burt Minor — unknown
(630) 674-9096 and aldminor@aol.com

Dist 15.  J.C. Kowa — keep plank
(618) 838-1516 and jckowa@frontier.com

Dist 16.  Jan Klaas — keep plank
(815) 621-9497 and jklaas5@aol.com

Dist 17.  Elisha French — remove plank
(309) 351-8163 and elishafrench@outlook.com

Dist 18.  Connie Nord — unknown
(309) 275-0811 and connien713@aol.com

Here are the emails of the committee members grouped together for your cut-and-paste convenience:

kathy@nlgop.com, ttown300@aol.com, Brent_woods@comcast.net, angeldgarcia@gmail.com, cindyburke22@yahoo.com, pbradynxtgen@gmail.com, ltibensky@comcast.net, ryan@ryanhiggins.com, daclawoffices@aol.com, mkubalanza@yahoo.com, raquelmelanie@gmail.com, pattihowardgop@gmail.com, macoupincorepublicans@gmail.com, aldminor@aol.com, jckowa@frontier.com, jklaas5@aol.com, elishafrench@outlook.com, connien713@aol.com, mike@mikebigger.com, blairgarber@gmail.com, bcolgan513@gmail.com

Oh, and as a post-script, please follow the link and read this from Rush Limbaugh on Wednesday:

My Brother Is Right About the Transgender Bathroom Debate

Here is just an excerpt from Rush:

My brother David had a column published yesterday. “Resisting Obama’s Transgender Directive: A Hill to Die On.” You know, this whole transgender bathroom business is typical. It fits the pattern that has ended up being so damaging and destructive to conservatives and Republicans. The left attempts to undermine, corrupt, and overthrow elements of our culture and our society. They do it by trying to normalize behavior that, for eons, has been considered to be anything but. They succeed by beating people down and having them portrayed as bigots or racists or some kind of phobe if they resist whatever is said to be just and filled with civil rights.

The mainstream moderate Republican reaction is, “Oh, come on, don’t react to this. It’s more of this social issue crap. Just let it go. We’re never gonna win if you keep focusing on these social issues. It doesn’t matter.” And it isn’t long before Republicans end up being blamed for never letting go of the social issues. And the Republicans being blamed as these social crusade warriors, anti-fun, anti-good time, when in fact all the Republicans are, and conservatives particularly, are people minding their own business.

They wake up one day and find out that the way they want to live their lives and raise their kids is being challenged, and people want to come and turn it upside down and put everybody in it at risk. And so they react to it. And conservative reactionism is then portrayed as conservatives will not let go of the social issues. It’s the left that won’t let go of social issues. It’s the left that is trying to corrupt the American cultural and society. If it weren’t for the left trying to do these things, cultural and social issues would not be issues.

But the traditional Republican moderate stance is, “Stand aside. This is not a hill to fight on. This is not something to go to war on. Let it go. There are many important issues out there than the sign on the bathroom.” And so yet another vestige of what has seemed to be a safe and morality-based area of life, our culture, is debased once again with our moderates telling us it’s not worth the fight. Too damaging. We might lose some inroads we’re making with moderate voters if we make too big a deal out of this.

Note the word “debased.” That’s the choice the IL GOP platform committee faces whether they’re ready to acknowledge it or not.