WIND radio’s Dennis Miller speaks his mind about Obama

Thinking Republicans in Illinois have known for years about Barack Obamaand the dump trucks of baggage he brings with him. The list is too long to put into this article – we posted a partial list here. In a state with an aggressive Republican Party, a guy like him would’ve long ago been thoroughly introduced to the public.

Millions of people around the country have been getting to know him now, and even many of those who have had favorable things to say about him in the past are realizing their first impressions were wrong.

Last week on Fox News Network’s Bill O’Reilly show, WIND radio talk show host Dennis Miller had some tough things to say about Obama. The conversation turned to the guys in California who had hung Sarah Palin in effigy – Miller was asked what he thought of the people who did the hanging:

“I’m not disappointed in those guys. I’m disappointed in one cad here, Barack Obama. They tell me he’s a smart politician, they tell me he’s a different politician, not business as usual, he’s going to up the dialogue – to think that this guy didn’t just come out and say to these two idiots who are voting for me please take that down – if you don’t realize that as a black man, the lynching thing is so sensitive to me I am finally going to come across the aisle here with my opponent.  That is the mother of five – the Governor of a state – you idiots have to take that down and if that costs me your 2 votes so be it – he would’ve probably won the election and he would’ve told me that he was something different as a politician.”

On his latest impressions of Obama, Miller said this:

“Well, listen I think John [McCain] still has a chance here because I think when people look a Barack they tend to rhapsodize about guys like that from afar. But then when you get in the proximity of the drop zone I think everybody takes off the rose color glasses… I think they’re starting to check this guy up close and I think they’re getting a little creeped out by him. I’ll be honest, this – let them eat urinal cake moment with Joe the Plumber was not a good moment.”

He then said:

“That is exactly the contingent that the Democratic Party has sought out over the years. So to watch him laughing at this guy the next day and to watch Joe Biden laughing at this guy the next day and to watch this TV station being taken off the list in Florida cause they didn’t like it and to hear that they want to make union votes open instead of private, all that stuff is starting to get creepy.”

He continued:

“For the first time I’m getting a creepy vibe about Barack Obama. Why wouldn’t a union vote be secretive?  Why is Joe the Plumber a bad guy, because he was out in the street and this guy decides to waltz down for a photo op. The guy queries him – he slips up and Joe the plumber has to be flattened because he revealed something that this guy said and immediately thought ‘I shouldn’t have said that.’

When asked if it was the people around Obama or Barack himself who went after Joe the Plumber, Miller said:

“I think its Barack Obama’s fault. I saw him laugh behind a podium the next day at this guy.  And it was that creepy sort of laugh where all of a sudden this guy is an object of ridicule because he asked a question and Barack gave the wrong answer.

Listen, many people are saying it is not Barack Obama. The first time I really got creeped out was ironically was during your interview with him. I thought that he had maybe been to church 40 or 50 times over the years like most people go at Christmas – go at Easter, but when he said to you I went twice a month for 20 years I said wait a second that 500 times – that was the first time – and I don’t think he thinks like Reverend Wright – but that is the first time I thought he was a liar – when he said I went 500 times and I didn’t see one of these speeches and I though he’s just not telling the truth there – so that’s when it started getting weird for me here. But it’s officially getting mean spirited and creepy in the last forth night.”

Towards the end of the interview, Miller said this:

“I do think they’re starting to notice that probably 48 percent of this country, 49, maybe even 50, are not going to vote for this guy. John McCain still has a chance to win here. And it’s looking better each day.

But I think those people are thinking – wait a second if I don’t vote for this guy I’m either stupid, bad or Racist in the worst case scenario. I don’t think people like that feeling. What if they just say listen – I just don’t want to vote for you – why do they either have to be stupid or bad or in the worst case racist – I think people aren’t understanding that.”