Conservative Revolution

Illinois Family Action 2

Here is another version of yesterday’s post by Laurie Higgins courtesy of Illinois Family Action: By Laurie Higgins — Written by Laurie Higgins The once appealing adjective “moderate” has become perverted by pundits and politicians. It has been twisted into an unrecognizable rhetorical weapon that in reality connotes extremism. “Moderate” politicians are those who don’t see the… Read More

Republican Revolution


From Laurie Higgins: In lengthy discussions on a political website over the past few weeks on the wisdom (or lack thereof) of voting for “moderate” Republicans, I have been surprised to learn of the intensity of hostility that “moderate” Republicans feel for conservatives. They call conservatives “crazy loons,” “whack jobs,” “insane,” “fringe,” “hysterical,” and “homophobic… Read More

Falling gas prices to provide mini-stimulus

Washington Examiner

From the Washington Examiner: U.S. consumers could be the winners of slowing global growth, as falling world demand for oil translates to lower costs for American households. The price of gasoline at the pump has fallen by about 30 cents in the past month to slightly more than $3 per gallon, according to Gasbuddy.com. That… Read More

Bruce Rauner and the Destruction of the Illinois Republican Party


In Illinois Republican politics, it’s always the first week of kindergarten. Yes, I know, that’s harsh. But too bad. The terrible condition of the state of Illinois is not the fault of Illinois Democrats, but rather, the fault of both Illinois Republicans and Illinois conservatives who have yet to listen to and heed good political… Read More

Subpoenaing Houston Pastors Part of A Larger Strategy


From Newt Gingrich and Vince Haley at BarbWire.com: The Mayor of Houston’s recent subpoena of sermons by Christian pastors in the country’s fourth largest city is a shocking violation of First Amendment rights to free speech and free exercise of religion. There is no clearer violation of First Amendment freedoms than for government officials to attempt… Read More

Laurie Higgins Takes Republicans to School about Bruce Rauner (Conclusion)

Dead GOP Elephant

Let’s conclude this series with another batch of comments posted by Laurie Higgins in response to her critics. You can read the first three parts here, here, and here. Following Laurie’s comments there is a post by the Illinois Family Institute’s David Smith, and then we close with a little humor. Here is Higgins answering… Read More

Laurie Higgins Takes Republicans to School about Bruce Rauner (Part 3)


Let’s keep going with Laurie Higgins’ excellent responses to her critics regarding the Illinois race for governor. Her original articles are listed here, and the first two installments of this series are found here and here. Here’s a short post from one critic using the name “ChicagoElStop”: Democrats count votes. Republicans count souls. Votes win… Read More

Laurie Higgins Takes Republicans to School about Bruce Rauner (Part 2)


Laurie Higgins does some of her best writing answering critics in the comments sections beneath her articles. Last time we started looking at some of what she had to say at one of the websites where her articles about this year’s governor’s race were posted. When one critic described Higgins as a single issue voter,… Read More

Laurie Higgins Takes Republicans to School about Bruce Rauner


Liberal “wing nuts” love to hate Laurie Higgins because she brings them to the end of their intellectual capacity. With her articles about the Illinois governor’s race this fall, Higgins has now added a batch of Republicans to her “fan club.” Let’s start off with a fun example from one of her new fans. In… Read More

Why Won’t the Gay Theologians Debate?

BarbWire BW

From Dr. Michael Brown at BarbWire.com: Almost 20 years ago, I was speaking with an older Jewish couple who seemed very close to putting their faith in Jesus as Messiah, but they were not 100 percent sure. I said to them, “Later this week I’m debating an Orthodox rabbi. Why not come to the debate… Read More