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Conservative Principles, and Picking Our Battles

By Editor

Here are the opening paragraphs from a new post by Bruce Donnelly: The scope of change necessary to restore America to founding Constitutional principles is daunting, if not overwhelming. To many, it seems hopeless….


‘The Key for Republicans: Go Local, Go Grassroots’

By John Biver

Here are a couple of excerpts from J. Robert Smith’s American Thinker post from earlier this week titled, “Stop Dancing with the MSM.” He says what I’ve been saying for years: DC’s GOP consultants…

Information War


The Left Fights — Our Side Must Learn How To

By John Biver

From the archive: first published October 17, 2013. So the shutdown is over. Here’s Red State’s Erick Erickson on the topic: Advancing. Ever Advancing. Here’s the Heritage Foundation write up this morning: The Deal That’s…

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The Dead Constitution

By Editor

By Myron Magnet: Philip Hamburger’s indictment of the regulatory state in his book, “Is Administrative Law Unlawful?,” is profound and sobering.

Vietnam: When We Lost the Winnable War

By Editor

By Bruce Walker: The same sort of spoiled and selfish political class in Washington today surrenders the willing sacrifices of all those good Americans who have fought in our current, longest war.

The Constitution We Don’t Understand

By Editor

By U.S. Senator Mike Lee: Why a fundamental misunderstanding of our founding document is at the heart of Washington’s dysfunction.