A Disengaged Citizenry Brings a Lack of Accountability

Republican and conservative and MAGA voters should be able to expect that highly paid members of the Republican Conservative Industrial Complex (RCIC) are providing the proper leadership in the political arena when it comes to activity and funding.

Such as making sure elections are legitimate. And that enough good candidates are recruited and have all the different kinds of support needed to win. Unfortunately, this kind of political ground-level work is not getting done, and the RCIC poobahs are more often than not AWOL.

A natural question to ask is—if the money is not being spent in a way that gets the ground level work done, what is all that money raised by the think tanks, issue advocacy organizations, consultants, candidate and party committees, and other PACs being spent on?

This series has covered it generally—but here’s quick review of some of the things that are well funded: Salaries. Video and print and radio and Internet ads that don’t reach nearly enough people for the money spent. Conferences. Rallies. Meetings. Books. Opinion articles. News aggregator websites. White papers and policy proposals. None of them win elections, and neither does talk radio or podcasts or daily email newsletters.

If this is too repetitive for you, imagine how players in the NFL feel about the constant haranguing about the fundamentals of blocking and tackling.

A parallel to blocking and tackling in a Democratic Republic is an educated and active citizenry. Much of the RCIC’s activities are aimed at informing the electorate, and it would be money well spent if they actually reached beyond the already-informed choir.

The only way to change course is for the big Republican, conservative, and MAGA donors to realize they need to redirect their generosity to efforts that win elections.

Up next: Both the information war and the ground war must be fought.

Image credit: www.mammothhats.com.

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