Optimism is Not Enough: the Ground Work Must Get Done

Someone named JD Rucker, at a website called America Out Loud, recently made an important point:

Today, we’re seeing too few conservatives and America First patriots doing what it takes to put the right people in office.

That sounds like one of the themes of this website for decades, especially in this current series on the Ground War.

Rucker continues:

It’s understandable. Our primary goal is to support our families and right now that’s getting harder every day. But for those who are in a stable situation, it’s time to put some of our focus on the elections.

Because of the disaster that is the Biden Administration, there is a lot of optimism for this year’s elections among Republicans and conservatives and the MAGA crowd. Even Victor Davis Hanson is encouraged at how things look.

JD Rucker reminds everyone, however, that–

Democrats Will Cheat: If you’re reading the polls and thinking the GOP has this in the bag, you haven’t been paying attention for the last two and a half years. Democrats have mastered the science behind election fraud and they’re going to apply their tactics in the midterm elections to try to mitigate the damage they’ve done to their party over the last year.

In his post, Rucker makes an excellent point about RINOs as well—you can read it here.

So will voters cast so many votes for Republicans that the Dems won’t be able to steal enough to overcome that total? I’d say if they were ready to give Joe Biden 80 million votes to overcome Trump’s landslide of over ten million more votes from his 2016 number, they’ll be ready.

And the dominant leftist press will give an assist though fake polling numbers showing that Americans actually want more of Democrat-led policy failures. Add in some fake Russian collusion like hoaxes and there will be enough people to believe that Republicans really did fail to muster the support that was expected.

The only way to avoid that result is for our large donors to stop being foolish and funding the same people, organizations, and activities that have proven cycle after cycle to fail to produce governing majorities ready and willing to fix the many bipartisan policy failures we all suffer under.

Republican and conservative large donors need to go to school right here at Dispatches.

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