Boy Scouts of America: Goodbye, Farewell and Amen

Boy ScoutsExcerpts from three posts regarding the recent decision by the Boy Scouts of America organization:

From Laurie Higgins:

Boy Scouts of America: Goodbye, Farewell and Amen

Most people don’t know that men who sexually desire only male children are not homosexual. How can that be, a rational person may ask. The reason is that the “mental health” community, or the segment of it that controls the ever-shifting and highly politicized ground of mental health, has declared that if an adult sexually desires only children they don’t have a “sexual orientation” at all. That is to say, one has a sexual orientation if and only if one enjoys sex with adults. If a man desires sex with only female children, he is not a heterosexual pedophile. He is just a pedophile. If a man desires sex with either female or male children, he is not a “bisexual” pedophile. He is just a pedophile. And if a man desires sex with only male children, he is not homosexual at all. He’s just a pedophile (or pederast depending on how young he likes his prey).

This is why you continue to hear that the priest sex abuse scandal in the Catholic Church and the more recently revealed sex abuse scandal in the Boy Scouts had nothing whatsoever to do with homosexuality even when the sexual acts were between males and younger males. According to the evil powers that be, these scandals had nothing to do with homosexuality because homosexuality is one of the three “sexual orientations” (i.e., heterosexual, homosexual, and bisexual) which one does not have unless one enjoys sex with adults.

While this is a useful stratagem for the Left, those with common sense see it for what it is: a way to distance homosexuality from pedophilia and pederasty (sex between adult males and adolescent boys, which is the most common form of homosexual practice throughout history). It’s a way to retain the belief that pedophilia and pederasty are disorders—both psychological and moral disorders—while jettisoning the notion that homosexuality is either a psychological or moral disorder (Just wait a few years, the normalization of pederasty is just around the ever darkening corner).

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From Peter LaBarbera:

The Boy Scouts’ Folly: Putting Sexual Morality Up to a Vote

May 23, 2013 was a sad day for the Boy Scouts of America (BSA), and another tragic day for an America in decline. The Scouts’ corporate-driven leaders in their folly put sexual morality up for a vote, and when it was all over, the Scouts as we once knew them – a God-fearing, wholesome organization – were finished. Now, truly “morally straight” organizations (to quote the Scout Oath) will rise up to compete with the corrupted BSA, and parents by the hundreds of thousands will migrate with their sons to these trustworthy alternatives.

This was a completely unnecessary capitulation. The equivocating Scouts somehow managed to snatch defeat from their hard-won victory in the Supreme Court in 2000 – which preserved the Scouts’ right to live by their own moral creed. Now they have eviscerated that creed, thus rewarding the very Homosexual Lobby that tormented the BSA since its high court triumph.


Let’s cut through all the pro-“gay” noise that infests most discussions of this issue. Practicing homosexuality is a destructive lifestyle choice and a sin. It is immoral, against Nature, and changeable – as evidenced by the countless men (like Michael Glatze) and women (like Charlene Cothran) who once proudly considered themselves “gay” but now live in accordance with God’s natural design for their bodies.

Homosexuality is not the basis for healthy self-identity. “Sexual orientation” is an artificial construct because homosexuality is not “who you are,” it’s what you do. And when people make sinful choices bad things happen. (I should add that most homosexuals come from troubled backgrounds, including: dysfunctional parent-child relationships; lack of a father; divorced households; early sexualization; and sexual predator abuse. But these “causes” – while meriting our pity and understanding — do not condone the behavioral choice of embracing a homosexual lifestyle.)

Homosexuality is about as natural, normal and healthy as a tongue piercing. Actually, it’s much riskier: in fact, if this were any other behavior, there would be a full-scale government/corporate mobilization against it (like smoking). Consider these alarming statistics on male homosexuality and HIV from a December 2012 report by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

“CDC estimates that MSM represent approximately 4 percent of the male population in the United States but male-to-male sex accounted for more than three-quarters (78 percent) of new HIV infections among men and nearly two-thirds (63 percent) of all new infections in 2010 (29,800).”

No honorable organization would confirm boys and young men in an immoral sexual “identity” associated with such disproportionate, massive health risks.

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From  Dr. Scott Lively:

Satan Wins Back the Scouts

It is not generally known, but the youth hiking and camping movement we know today in America as the Boy Scouts, has its roots in pederasty. Pederasty, also known as Man/Boy Sex, is the overlapping common core of the now open male homosexual and still hidden male pedophile communities. It involves primarily sexual relationships between adult men of any age and boys roughly from age 7 to 17. It is the most common form of homosexual relationship in history and the means by which a great many young men are recruited into a life-long homosexual identity.

There are no doubt many hidden and very cautious pederasts already lurking in the Boy Scout leadership who are now salivating over the prospect of having in their care self-declared “gay” boys whom they can approach sexually with far less fear of exposure. “Gay” boys who can also help to recruit their peers into intergenerational “gay” relationships.

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