In Search of Liberal ‘Principle,’ and Also: Does #FreeKate Have a Larger Agenda?

The Other McCainFrom Robert Stacy McCain:

Arguing with liberals is nearly always a waste of time, and I seldom bother, as there are usually more enjoyable ways to waste time.

Any argument with a liberal will quickly descend into name-calling, as the entire point of being a liberal is to imagine yourself morally and intellectually superior to others. The purpose of any argument, to a liberal, is never to discover truth — if they cared anything about truth, they would not be liberals, quod erat demonstrandum — and so whatever the supposed point at dispute, the proposition the liberal wishes to demonstrate is always the same: “Resolved: I am an enlightened being, and anyone who disagrees with me is an ignorant bigot.”

This is why liberals rushed forward to seize the “Free Kate” banner and storm the barricades of homophobic intolerance as embodied (so they imagined) in Florida parents Jim and Laurie Smith.

Persuaded by Kaitlyn Hunt’s dishonest advocates that the Jailbait Toilet Sex Queen of Sebastian High School was a victim of homophobia, liberals wrapped themselves in the offered garb of secondhand martyrdom. The Indignant Self-Righteousness Derby commenced, each attempting to outdo the other in their outrage at the hateful unfairness of it all.

Facts? Optional. Logic? Inadmissible.

Once the Lynch Mob of Universal Enlightenment takes up a cause like this, “facts” and “logic” are denounced as Weapons of Hate.

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