77 more reasons Illinois GOP chairman Pat Brady should resign

Folks, this is mind-boggling. When it comes to the Illinois Republican Party the intellectual laziness is only matched by the political incompetence. Pat Brady’s leadership as state party chairman has helped the GOP here lose so much ground that the Democrats now have a veto-proof majority in both chambers of the General Assembly. The public rarely hears from Brady, which is fine, because he really doesn’t have anything worthwhile to say. But today he speaks — and once again demonstrates why smart people have been calling for his resignation for a very long time. Click to read this from Illinois Review: ILGOP Chair sees gay marriage as ‘equality issue’ and ‘true conservative position’.

Anyone who has read anything on the topic of marriage knows that destroying marriage means a weaker family structure and an ever-growing government. And then there’s the enormous conflict with and violation of religious liberty (click here to learn more).

The following list is from the Ruth Institute:

  1. The essential public purpose of marriage is to attach mothers and fathers to their children and to one another.
  2. Man/woman marriage allows children to know and be known by their biological parents. Same sex marriage separates children from at least one parent.
  3. Man/woman marriage sets the foundation for children to have the same biological, legal and care-giving parents. Same sex marriage separates these functions among differentpeople.
  4. Man/woman marriage provides children with access to their genetic, cultural and social heritage.
  5. Even though it is not always possible, children have the best life chances when they are raised by their biological married parents.

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