Ann Coulter Could Not Be More Wrong

Thank God for men who don’t have a crush on Ann Coulter and thus have the guts to take her on. From Kevin McCullough:

Ann Coulter, without question, holds a certain degree of “importance” in the weekly debate over the jot and tittles of the debate between the left and right in America.

She is perhaps one of the most identifiable personalities on the right in America, second only to Rush Limbaugh.

The collective conservative universe bows in homage as the, WorldNetDaily, and HumanEvents websites e-blast her newest missive to their respective distribution lists every Wednesday evening vying for the first set of eyeballs to come to their own landing page for her newest rant.

Radio hosts jump like school boys with a crush when her newest book comes out, always eagerly sacrificing their most valuable asset (their own platforms) entirely for her gain.

She draws large crowds at both conservative and homosexual political conferences. She speaks openly of her own faith (Christianity), while regularly misinterpreting and/or misleading others as to the meanings of Christ, specifically the most important Christian doctrine–Grace.

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