Blowing Smoke: With a politically incorrect puff, Mark Block lights up the presidential race

A fun read by Robert Costa about Mark Block and the insurgent Herman Cain campaign is posted on the National Review website – click here to read it. Here’s an excerpt:

Inside the Beltway, Block’s smoking has stirred a certain horror.

Pundits are befuddled. Block broke — without shame! – an unwritten rule of political correctness. Even President Obama, a longtime chain smoker, takes his packs in private.

Block couldn’t care less. The video, in a couple days, has garnered millions of clicks. On cable television, it is a sizzle story. Talking heads on every network — some giggling, some wagging their fingers — have attempted to decode its meaning, its message, and its leading man.

Decode away, Block tells me as he orders black coffee. As long as folks are talking about Herman Cain, pumping oxygen into the shoestring campaign, he’s winning.

Again, here’s the now famous ad – which I like a lot: