Chicago Trib Demagogue Who “Identifies” as Reporter, Goes After State Rep. Ives

A demagogue at the Chicago Tribune? I’m shocked! Not. Here is Laurie Higgins writing at the Illinois Family Institute:

*WARNING: obscene language and graphic sex*
(excerpts from play taught at two North Shore high schools)

I thought my view of the Chicago Tribune couldn’t get lower and then I read a piece by Mr. Kim Janssen on State Representative Jeanne Ives (R-Wheaton), one of the most courageous, ethical lawmakers in Springfield.

Last week, Rep. Ives posted a link to my article titled “Christians Must Exit Government Schools” on her Facebook page. Subsequently, Janssen wrote an article titled “Lawmaker compares teachers who support transgender rights to ‘dirty old men,” ostensibly about Rep. Ives, which was published online Friday night. As I predicted, the Trib waited to publish it in their Sunday print edition rather than publishing it in the slim and little-read Saturday edition. It seems that the Trib powers-that-be want to use my politically incorrect writing to do as much political damage to Rep. Ives as possible.

Clarification for the Trib: Lawmaker Ives did not compare teachers who support alleged “transgender rights” to dirty old men. I compared teachers who expose children to obscene material to dirty old men.

Further clarification: Gender-dysphoric persons have no ethical or moral “right” to use opposite sex restrooms and locker rooms. In an email to Rep. Ives after his article was published, Janssen doubled-down on the absurd claim that objectively male and objectively female persons have a “right” to access opposite-sex private spaces, accusing Rep. Ives of having a “history of opposition to transgender rights.” Janssen’s assertion reveals his ideological bias.

“Trans”-identifying persons have no more ethical “right” to use opposite-sex facilities than do I or Mr. Janssen. The current manifestation of the sexual revolution is not a fight for equal rights or a fight to gain rights that have been denied to some group. Artificially feminized men and artificially virilized women are declaring that they deserve special, a-historical privileges. They have decided that while all other humans must use private spaces that correspond to their objective, immutable biological sex, they—that is, “trans”-identifying persons—may use private spaces that do notcorrespond to their objective, immutable biological sex. They are demanding to be treated differently from most humans.

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