Congress Lurches From Crisis To Crisis

conservativehqHere is how ConservativeHQ intro’s this article:

Establishment Republicans on Capitol Hill are addicted to pork, corporate welfare and avoiding our real fiscal problems.

Nicely said. Here’s the opening of it:

Principled small government constitutional conservative Senator Marco Rubio of Florida recently sent out a newsletter that neatly summed-up why many Americans are losing faith in their government.

US Savings BondRubio said, whether it’s a “cliff,” a “ceiling” or a “sequester,” Washington politicians in both parties are guilty of using manufactured crises to force through bad legislation, often with loads of pork-barrel spending hidden inside the bills.

As Rubio noted, most recently, it was the 2:00 a.m. New Year’s Day “fiscal cliff” deal — that supposedly was the only way to keep taxes from going up on millions of Americans — also included huge tax breaks for special interests.

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