Cut Federal Government Spending in Half

Frank Hill over at has a fun post up today – here’s an excerpt:

Here’s our contention: Every single federal program needs to be completely reviewed inside-and-out by Congress and evaluated for its efficacy and impact on the national good as a whole.

If it fails to meet strict criteria for performance and ‘success’, it needs to be eliminated.

If it meets some standard of success, it then needs to be examined for possible savings and reforms. Perhaps it needs to be modernized; many programs we now still fund were created between WWI and WWII and surely have become out-moded, unnecessary or inefficient in some manner of speaking.

Here’s our proposal: Congress will take an entire session, two-years, starting January 2, 2013 and dissolve into the Committee of the Whole (meaning everyone in Congress has to sit through these sessions in the chamber with CSPAN lights and cameras on all the time) and go through the entire federal budget (cut-in-half above) and discuss it line-by-line in excruciating detail.

If it doesn’t pass muster and 50%+1 don’t vote for it, it is gone. Next item.

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