Republican Party communication isn’t even at the toddler stage yet

You have to crawl before you can walk, the saying goes. Actually, that walking thing takes a bit to learn for most toddlers – that’s why they call them toddlers.

Once again our Republican Party “leaders” at the national level are determining that it’s time to get out of the crib – this time it’s over the subject of the federal budget. I welcome any communication activity, even if it’s just the crawl stage.

For years I’ve written on this topic – many of my articles can be found here. So when Congressman Paul Ryan makes the news with his budget proposal I rejoice. Yes, it’s a tepid plan. Regardless, the chubby little hands and knees of these supposedly highly talented elected men and women are making tracks on the floor.

If, during this news story, anyone else has touched on the simple fact that moving public opinion is job one for members of Congress, I haven’t seen it. Of course, I may have missed such a reference because there’s so much to read and I often sprint through the materials.

Below are just a few of the news stories about Ryan’s plan and a couple of other plans that have been put forward.

Before closing, however, I have to note this headline from the National Center for Policy Analysis: “Yes, the GOP Does Have a Plan to Reform Health Care.” Nineteen years after “Hillarycare” Republicans still – can I say it? – completely suck when it comes to communicating to the American public how they’d reform health care differently than Obamacare. That’s right – 19 years! – Hillary Clinton put forward her plan back in 1993.

Anyway, here are those articles on the budget plans. Note how many there are. How many Americans bother going to the web to find this information? A small percentage. So, it’ll take more than a few videos and web articles to reach people. Let’s see if the GOP is serious this time about a sustained and professional communication effort:

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