Defending Donald Trump The Disruptor

Some great points from Cliff Oxford writing at Forbes (though I realize some people don’t understand what has to be disrupted exactly):

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump is blowing up the political and media machines that guard the status quo of Washington D.C. and Wall Street; and you either love the American businessman and Entrepreneur or hate him for it.

For those of you who hate Trump and his policies, know that his approach is not that much different than the way Uber blew-up the taxi cab driver associations or the way Netflix eliminated Blockbuster from the face of the earth. What Trump is doing falls under the market theory of disruption, and although it is not pretty, he is playing it beautifully and by the book as a classic Entrepreneur.

I am little disappointed more fast-growth Entrepreneurs have not caught on to Trump and his disruption strategy. After all, Trump is doing what we do every day. Trump is bombastic, ridiculous, and borderline crazy, but so are most disruptors.

Entrepreneurs like it when the Steve Jobs of the world stick a finger in the eye of a powerful IBM, or when a total unknown like Dollar Shave Club flips Gillette and its overpriced razors on its head. We all applaud and think it is great. You don’t have to like Trump, but it’s way past time we applaud a disruptor in government, which is a lot more like a big business than most would think.

I think a lot of Entrepreneurs will be among the first mainstream voters to line up in Trump’s corner. […] Since Christmas, I now have hundreds telling me, “Well if it is between Cruz and Trump, I guess Trump,” and the same kind of sentiment on the choice between Clinton and Trump.

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