Empress Hillary, 2016

AmericanThinker3To close out another American Thinker Day here at Dispatches, Stella Paul is dead-on right — and the ending sentence of this excerpt is one of my favorites of all time:

Hillary has already ordered the diamond tiara and gold scepter for her 2016 coronation, and a whole village of enslaved Chinese orphans is weaving her red carpet right now.

Sooner than you can say “Obama who?” Hillary will ascend to her rightful position of World Empress. The optics will dazzle us. Adorned in a floor length cape made from the dead cats of Bill’s mistresses, she will bless us all from her 20-foot- platinum throne, gifted by our dear friends in Saudi Arabia.


Maybe we should prepare for a glamorous Muslima Royal Regent. Think “The Consort Wears Prada.” Yes, Huma Abedin Weiner, a.k.a. Mrs. Carlos Danger, may deign to co-rule us yet.

If you’re having trouble following this story, let’s review the background I so helpfully laid out in September 2012 in “Bill and Hillary and Huma and Anthony.” Describing “the vilest soap opera in American history” I noted, “This one’s got it all: two sham marriages, sexual perversions, and national treachery at the highest level.”

The Huma Comedy now bewitching the media is an utter crock. The commentariat’s burning questions about the state of poor lil’ Huma’s marriage mask the cold truth: There is no Abedin/Weiner marriage.


Two wronged woman, so strong and brilliant, bravely make a new future together, because they have so much love to give each other and the world. How lucky we are to have them! Vote for these magnificent trail-blazers and Make History![…]

You don’t want Huma in the White House? Homophobe! Racist! Islamophobe! Hater! Bigot! Right-wing Christian!

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