Erick Erickson at I Support Joe Walsh, You Should Too

I agree with Erick Erickson—if a Democrat had said about a Republican what Joe said about Duckworth, it wouldn’t be news.

I support Congressman Joe Walsh a thousand percent and you should too. Pony up your checkbooks while you are at it. He’s in the midst of a manufactured scandal because he dared utter an inconvenient truth.

His opponent is the leftwing darling Tammy Duckworth. As CNN notes, “A Black Hawk helicopter pilot in Iraq, Duckworth lost both legs and the use of one arm when her crew was shot down in 2004. She was later awarded the Purple Heart and continues to serve as a lieutenant colonel in the Illinois Army National Guard.”

But, and here is where the outrage pimps have rushed to attack Joe Walsh, the Congressman pointed out that “she is a hero, and that demands our respect, but it doesn’t demand our vote. All she does, guys, is talk about her service.”

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