Google Marks Pro-Life Film Propaganda, But Labels Literal Nazi Propaganda Film ‘History’

Madeline Osburn at The Federalist reveals more leftist bias and b.s. excuses from Google as they mark a pro-life film ‘propaganda’ and genuine propaganda ‘history’:

A Google search for the new movie, “Unplanned” returned results labeling the film “Drama/Propaganda,” while other films that are actual propaganda material do not receive the same designation. “Unplanned” is the story of a Planned Parenthood director who became pro-life after witnessing an abortion.

Kelsey Bolar, a Daily Signal writer and Federalist contributor, captured a screenshot of the search result below on Thursday. By Friday, the label had been removed.

A Google search for the 1935 Nazi propaganda film, “The Triumph of the Will,” returns results labeling it “History/War.” The director Leni Riefenstahl was called up by Adolf Hitler himself, commissioning her to make a film of the annual rally of the Nazi party.

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