GOP: The Bastion of Piety

Here is Charles E. Moore writing today at American Thinker:

Trump’s 2005 hot mic scandal is an example of why the GOP always loses to Democrats. This is a perfect illustration of how the GOP leaders run for cover while Democrats unify for the good of their agenda.

Instead of rallying behind the party candidate, GOP leaders would rather promote their own personal pride and moral high ground. Division like that does not win presidential campaigns. The GOP has always had a chronic case of “it’s all about me” as opposed to “it’s all about us.”

What did we learn on October 7, 2016? Did we learn that Trump is attracted to beautiful women? Nope! He was married to three supermodels and had kids by all three. Did we learn that Trump ogles women and uses vulgar language? Nope! What heterosexual red-blooded American man has not done this in the past among friends? Did we learn that the most pious of the GOP have never ogled a woman or made a crude comment? Yes! Apparently, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan have never uttered a foul word about a “hot babe” to a friend or colleague. Further, many leaders in the GOP have never done it either because they are all chastising Trump for his lewd comments.

Let us examine for a moment Hillary’s email scandal, FBI investigations, Benghazi, and multiple congressional investigations (not to mention her husband’s scandals). Through them all, Democrats circled the wagons and protected their own. This is why they win. The agenda, the party, it is all bigger than one person. When Hillary Clinton says “Stronger Together”, she is not referring to the American people. No! She is referring to the Democrat Party.

Advice to Mr. Trump: disavow Republican leaders. Paint them as part of the problem in Washington, the establishment that is against you. Remind us that you are the outsider that will finally make a difference because you are not owned or controlled by anyone with a political agenda greater than “Make America Great Again!”

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